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The margin for error is razor-thin when responding to a public health emergency. Up-to-the-minute decisions and actions quickly consume dwindling resources. Introducing a comprehensive solution that saves time and money; removes guesswork from planning and responding; and reduces paper, delays, long lines, and waste…

and it takes less than one hour to master.

The Nation’s Only End-to-End
Pandemic Response Management System

Automation is key for simplifying processes, reducing waste, and true statewide and national data-sharing. Interoperability is critical to effectively contain a pandemic or outbreak.


General Public

  • Online search for services and sites
  • Online registration – in advance or on-site
  • Self-reporting of exposure
  • Sign-up for notifications
  • Live Hotline/Help-Desk
  • Government

  • Deidentified local, state, and national data
  • Customized Reports
  • High-level monitoring of activities and resources
  • Potential for nationwide linkage and interoperability
  • Agencies and Institutions

  • One website and phone number to interface with public and providers
  • Post services for online sign-up
  • Real-time recording and reporting of results
  • Track Immunity and Morbidity
  • Contact Tracing and Cluster Identification
  • Monitor and Locate Supplies
  • Track resource allocation and overall costs
  • Healthcare Providers

  • Secure registration list in advance
  • Post clinics and services for public search
  • Calculate staffing and supply needs
  • Manage inventory
  • Message Board with providers and agencies
  • Automated confirmation, record, and reminders to patients
  • Live Help Desk
  • HIPAA-Compliant • GovCloud-Compatible • Patent Pending 

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